I’m a native of Colorado, born in Oak Creek, Colorado and raised in the northwestern part of the state. I went to school in Craig, Colorado and moved to Grand Junction after graduation. After spending the first twenty-six years of my life on the western slope, I moved to Denver. I have two sons who are now grown and when they were very small, I finally completed my bachelor degree at University of Colorado – Denver.

     After graduating, I took a job at a large financial company and have been there for my entire career, post-graduation. Boring? Or consistent…you decide.  It wasn’t until later in life, that I rediscovered my passion for writing. As a teenager, I tried my hand at poetry and short stories, but abandoned those efforts after only a short time.

     It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found a new love for writing and discovered that I had a unique story to tell. Trout Creek Canyon, a Colorado Family History, was originally intended to be a short book written only for the family. Once into it, I found there was too much to tell in a short book, so I expanded my horizons and Trout Creek Canyon is the result. I hope you give it a read and that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.