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Trout Creek Canyon - A Colorado Family History     Join in the fun, love and hardships as you read about a Colorado family living in a canyon high in the Rocky Mountains. As Papa toils in his coal mine to provide a living for his family, Mama and eleven year old Donna strive to keep the home running smoothly and two toddlers safe and happy. The year is 1956, but the conditions the family endured are more like those of the 1850’s.

     My sister, Donna, the main character of this novel, provided me with an abundance of memories and a wealth of information to use when writing this book. I have used her memories, coupled with my own to create this book. The stories are all true, but the action and dialogue have been created from my experiences with each family member. I have used my own impressions about how each person would have acted, as well as the things they would say. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. There are no innocents in this family.

     I have written these stories as a novel in much the same way as Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, and When Calls the Heart were written. If you liked those stories, I hope you’ll give Trout Creek Canyon a try. Enjoy!!